In March of 2010, Gary Ambrose made list building possible for even the brokest of broke newbies with the release of his free autoresponder, List Wire.

» What if there was a rapid list builder that was strictly for List Wire members?

» What if that list builder had several ways to build your List Wire mailing lists?

» What if it had the same newbie-compatible price tag as List Wire?

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Introducing List Wire List Builder!

Now you can build your List Wire mailing lists even faster!

You can post co-reg ads for all 12 lists!  FOR FREE!

You get 1,000 advertising impressions for free every single month!

Plus every one of your referrals is automatically sent to your mailing list at!

If a new member was not referred by an affiliate or the referring affiliate's list is inactive, the new user goes onto a random member's list!  That random member could be YOU!

In addition, I (the site administrator) will NOT use my own affiliate link to promote.  I will promote with direct links.  This means that EVERY new member that I refer will go to a random member!

If all of that is not enticing enough, check this out: Mass credit multiplier every three months!  YES! Every three months you will receive a special offer.  If you take that offer, all unassigned credits on your account, plus those that you purchase through the offer, will be multiplied!

Why wait?  Stop struggling to build your list.  Stop struggling to get quality traffic.  Join today and start building your List Wire mailing lists today!


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